Different types of public transportation in Thailand

Different types of public transportation in Thailand

Getting around in Thailand can be quite a hassle for some people, especially if you're a tourists that is here on holiday.

So what are the right type of transportation can you use to get around, out and about in a more 'trip friendly' way? Here is a little guide on what kind of transportation you should use while getting around in Thailand.

Tuk Tuk
This three-wheeled motorbike with a roof seems to be one of the most popular ones that tourist tend to want to ride while here in Thailand. However, you can only really find them in tourist places such as Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket etc. These type of rides are best for travelling in short distance just to get the feel and the breeze in your hair. Since it is mainly found in tourist area it can be quite expensive to travel from one side of Bangkok to the other.

Baht Buses
Also known as 'Song Teaw', these are probably one of the cheapest and easiest way to travel anywhere in Thailand. Though these buses only travel locally so the hardest thing you have to do is to figure out whether the one you're on is going to the place where you want it to. Typical price for a ride is 10 baht, for long distance should not be more than 20 or 30 baht maximum. You can't find these baht buses in Bangkok because it is not allowed, however, you can find them anywhere else in local area all over Thailand.

Thai buses are separated into three categories which are the free buses that only run in some specific area in Bangkok, the air condition buses which again only run in certain routes in Bangkok and then you have the normal bus where it's just window breeze all the way. The price of each ride depends on where you want to go, the conductor will come to you to ask for your destination and tell you the price along with a little ticket. Though you should note that you can only find public buses only in big cities such as Bangkok and inner city of Chonburi.

Motorbike Taxi
Motorbike taxis here are considered to be the most convenient. With a bike you can swerve and curb or corner, take small difficult routes to get to your destination in time. However, the price can be quite pricey as it usually doesn't have a fixed price to ride but rather depending on the rating of the area where you got on the motorbike taxi from.You can find these anywhere and everywhere in Thailand regardless of where you are there will be a group of guys with colored jackets sitting by a bike waiting to be called.

Taxi Meters
These are typical taxis that you can find in big cities, especially Bangkok. These taxis charge you by meter which means that the price goes according to the distance of your travel. As of currently the starting price for the meter is 35 baht and goes up every 2 baht for every 2.5 kilometer. Make sure that you do look at the meter once in a while to see if the driver has rigged it or not.

BTS Sky train & MRT
Unfortunately both of these transportation is only available in Bangkok but it is very convenient and easy to use. Once you get to a station, just look at the map at the exchanging booth to see where you want to go and it should tell you the price. Once you've got your card or chip if you're riding the MRT, it'll just work like any other subway that you've been to.