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Flyboard Pattaya

In 2012, the world saw the first real, amazing flight on the feet, like "Iron Man". It was possible with ingenious invention called Flyboard, by Franky Zapata, world champion in aqua-bikes. The construction represents shoes, mounted on a special board and connected to the personal watercraft with a hose. All this creates two powerful stream of water directly under your feet. It's allows you to fly up to 15 meters height over the water, do many beautiful kinds of tricks, dive like a dolphin and etc. We are glad to offer you to experience the flyboard, this incredible construction of Franky Zapata, with our team in Pattaya. We love and do Flyboard from the day of his birth. Welcome to the world of extreme sports.

Horseshoes Point

Our Mediterranean low-rise resort amidst a vast nature park lined with tropical trees is home to warren of exotic animals. We are welcome all guests who appreciate nature’s tranquility, who love animals and who enjoy taking part in activities with their families and love ones. We are an acclaimed venue for sport, leisure, music horse riding and home to a multi-national dynamic community.

Thai Polo Club

Set in more than 2,000 rai (or about 250 hectares) of picturesque grounds to the east of Pattaya, just 90 minutes or so drive from the capital, Bangkok, the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club is arguably a unique facility in all Asia and Australasia. Boasting three full-sized, international-standard polo playing fields as well as two practice grounds, and stabling for more than 250 horses, the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club opened in 2005, although it was initially called, simply, the Thai Polo Club. This changed a few years later when the equestrian facilities were added to the mix.

Skydive Pattaya

Are you ready for your lifetime experience? you will meet your professional skydive instructor for a short brief just before the jump, and then you’ll be on the aircraft on the way to 14,000FT (4,300M). You can see the beautiful coastal view on the way up to altitude.

Thai Sky Adventures

Here at Thai Sky Adventures in Pattaya, we offer a number of methods to complete one of life’s most memorable experiences - a Sky Dive. The easiest and safest way to make that big leap is a Tandem Jump. In this method, you are attached to a highly experienced instructor using a dual harness, single container parachute designed for two.

313 Training Studio

Are you looking for a massage, or a good spa in or around Pattaya? How about a Muay Thai Training Facility? Or perhaps all three? A new Health Center where they take care of your Body-Mind-and Soul? 313 Training Studio has three distinct ways to take care of your mind, body and soul, traditional Thai massage, the traditional art of Muay Thai, and full spa services such as facials and body scrubs using ancient ingredients and new techniques for the best of the old world and the new. 313 Training Studio is now open in east Pattaya.

Cisse Taekwondo Gym

Cisse Taekwondo has a training room of 140 square meters with brand new equipments. You can get information by visiting the Contact page. Cisse Taekwondo it is not only sport and training, it is also trips and camps where our members feel more like a big family. You can visit the Events page to see news on events and tournaments.

Venum Training Camp

The Venum Training camp is a very unique concept in Thailand. Located on the nicest place of the country, the Venum Training Camp of Pattaya really is THE one place where Fighting and Cross Training are only one. Pattaya is the ideal place to enjoy both your training and holidays at the same time: sunny days 11 month per year (our advice: avoid the rainy September) and only 5’ away from the beach. The living dream. If you want to train and sweat instead of resting, you will get access to many combat sports like Muay-Thai, MMA, Western Boxing, BJJ but also Cross-Training sessions. Trust us, there’s more than enough to learn and enjoy for lifetime training! The camp naturally accepts every levels of fitness and fight experience, from motivate vacationers to professional athletes, from cross-training enthusiasts to world class champions. Because the most important thing for us is to keep a nice family atmosphere. As soon as you enter in the camp, you will feel comfortable, like home (with a little more punching bags!). More than a simple training session, it’s a life and culture experience that you will share with us, in and outside the camp. Hope to see you soon!

Petch Rung Ruang

Family owned and operated for over 3 generations, we laid the foundation for our first ring in 1986 and have been teaching Muay Thai in Pattaya since. We are not a commercial gym. We are not here to wear you down with cardio. We are here to teach Muay Thai. With fighters in all stages of their careers training here, including kids as young as 7 years old and foreign boxers in their 50s, our focus is to produce real Nak Muay so you can expect the traditional, authentic Thai method.

Sitpholek Muay Thai Institution

Institute of Muaythai Techniques. We are one of the oldest Thai Boxing school and camp in Thailand. For over 25 year we have experience with Muay Thai boxing in Thailand. After many years we are now able to let you experience the full live of a “Nak Muay” (Thai boxer) . We have our own professional fighters staying in the camp so you’re never alone if you want. Come and discover a different Thailand. Sitpholek Muaythai camp; the camp with the family touch. Be part of our family.

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