Shopping Mall

Outlet Mall Pattaya

The business concept is to create channel of distribution to distribute out-of-date stock to end user (shopper). Our factory outlets offer guaranteed branded clothing at bargain, savings of 10%-70% every day includes fashions for ladies, gents and children, sportswear, golf, shoes, leather and luggage, house wares, home furnishings, accessories, gifts, toys.

MIKE Shopping Mall

Mike Group was established in 1976 by the Mekavarakul family, which was the year that the family had moved to settle in Pattaya. Jewelry business was the first business of the group. Offering full range of Thai local products was also started in a store located in south Pattaya.

Harbor Pattaya

Harbor Pattaya is a shopping center that wants to change the style of the shopping center. That's just the area for people to walk. Sit and talk Find out together. Or shopping Become a space that can give everyone. "Happy Holidays" to meet the needs without any age limit. Pattaya Harbor brings together a variety of fun activities. The family is very special.

King Power

Modern and elegant, the King Power Pattaya Complex is located a few metres away from the Sukhumvit Road, showcasing a beautiful architectural accomplishment at its entrance, and multifunctional piazza-like surroundings available for various activities and uses. The entrance hall and ceiling embellishments likened to the filigree patterns found in traditional Thai design emulate the Rangnam Complex. The interior design also takes influence from Thai handicrafts and glimmers like multifaceted spun fibre, with metal sheets of stainless steel silver interwoven with walls of woven gold. The effect of these surfaces when light meets them is to shimmer and shine with multiple depth and beauty.

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