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Easy ABC Language School Pattaya

Our language school in South-Pattaya extends over 4 floors and accommodates several modern equipped, bright and air-conditioned classrooms. These are equipped with optional television, DVD player, PC (Wireless Internet) as well as an interactive Whiteboard, to assist in teaching methods. Conference rooms are available for bigger groups, company trainings or seminars. Our teachers are carefully chosen according to their qualification, their experience, as well as their ability to associate with the students. Our Thai teachers speak good English or German. Our German teachers speak English and in addition, Thai or even other foreign languages. This way, they can easily communicate with and understand the students in their mother-tongue to ensure that lessons are even more efficient and the desired goal is achieved faster.

Progress Language School

Progress specializes in three languages that you will frequently hear when in Thailand. These languages are Thai, Russian and English, with group and private courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced learners. Please contact our office for a free lesson and to schedule your course.

BJP Elite Academy

The best opportunity in Pattaya for English or French curriculum at the lowest price. Keep studying same as in your country or even more high level to our warm and friendly school.

Phoenix Wittaya School

Phoenix offers a well balanced curriculum, offering Thai, English and Chinese languages, which are balanced to suit your requirements. We provide a setting with amenities to help your child to learn to their full potential. All of our high quality staff are specialized in the development and teaching of younger children. We arrange 15-25 students per classroom.

Tara Pattana International

British education with a Global Perspective. in which six interlinking elements create caring, resilient individuals who can demonstrate leadership in a globalised world: ACADEMICS – A rigorous academic programme that incorporates the other 5 elements. ACTIVITIES – A range of activities to include the arts, sports, leadership and clubs. OUTDOOR EDUCATION – Learning outdoors in the real world. Challenges to build leadership and resilience. LEARNING FOR LIFE – Character education and life skills to prepare students for dealing with personal and social challenges that all young people face. COMMUNITY SERVICE – Empowering students to connect with others, take action and help the local community. GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP – Intercultural learning that allows students to connect with other cultures.

Peekaboo Nursery

Peekaboo Nursery can assist in such development. We have set up an environment, with trained personnel, in order to provide and promote proper nutrition, encourage enough rest, and provide an environment to reinforce the development of children during this period.

ABC Nursery Pattaya

ABC Nursery Pattaya is a small Nursery School and Day Care Center which offers a “feel like home“ environment where parents can feel relaxed in the knowledge that their child is in a well-supervised nursery, and can be assured that their child is receiving the highest quality of care . We make sure that one of the hardest days in parents life to leaving your baby's for their first day will be easy. ABC Nursery welcomes children aged 18 months to 4 years and is the perfect start to a child’s influential early years and first experience of school life. Our school program is designed to be your child's first educational experience to introduce the children to a stimulating, exciting environment that allows the children to feel secure and enjoy their new academic surroundings. A perfect choice to get your child ready for the entrance to the Kindergarten as well as preparing them for their future learning and successes.

Mooltripakdee International School

Mooltripakdee International School (MIS) is a new and developing international school that offers quality education to children between 2 and 15 years of age. MIS Preschool & Kindergarten (for children between 2 and 5 years old) combine the Early Year Foundation Stage of the British National Curriculum with Montessori methodology. MIS primary school (children between 5 and 11 years old) is based wholly on the British National Curriculum. MIS secondary school (children aged between 11 and 15 years old) will be a continuation of the British National Curriculum taught by qualified subject teachers.

International School of Chonburi

ISC is blessed with a beautiful campus with plenty of green spaces and a great environment for learning that is designed with children in mind. We are not about the fluff or the distracting exteriors of the school, the children are the true colours of our classroom. It is what goes on in every single classroom that defines who we are. Our strength lies in our core beliefs which are well expressed in our mission, vision and guiding principles for the children at ISC. These are the pillars that define who we are and what we do.

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