313 Training Studio

Are you looking for a massage, or a good spa in or around Pattaya? How about a Muay Thai Training Facility? Or perhaps all three? A new Health Center where they take care of your Body-Mind-and Soul? 313 Training Studio has three distinct ways to take care of your mind, body and soul, traditional Thai massage, the traditional art of Muay Thai, and full spa services such as facials and body scrubs using ancient ingredients and new techniques for the best of the old world and the new. 313 Training Studio is now open in east Pattaya.

Cisse Taekwondo Gym

Cisse Taekwondo has a training room of 140 square meters with brand new equipments. You can get information by visiting the Contact page. Cisse Taekwondo it is not only sport and training, it is also trips and camps where our members feel more like a big family. You can visit the Events page to see news on events and tournaments.

Venum Training Camp

The Venum Training camp is a very unique concept in Thailand. Located on the nicest place of the country, the Venum Training Camp of Pattaya really is THE one place where Fighting and Cross Training are only one. Pattaya is the ideal place to enjoy both your training and holidays at the same time: sunny days 11 month per year (our advice: avoid the rainy September) and only 5’ away from the beach. The living dream. If you want to train and sweat instead of resting, you will get access to many combat sports like Muay-Thai, MMA, Western Boxing, BJJ but also Cross-Training sessions. Trust us, there’s more than enough to learn and enjoy for lifetime training! The camp naturally accepts every levels of fitness and fight experience, from motivate vacationers to professional athletes, from cross-training enthusiasts to world class champions. Because the most important thing for us is to keep a nice family atmosphere. As soon as you enter in the camp, you will feel comfortable, like home (with a little more punching bags!). More than a simple training session, it’s a life and culture experience that you will share with us, in and outside the camp. Hope to see you soon!

Petch Rung Ruang

Family owned and operated for over 3 generations, we laid the foundation for our first ring in 1986 and have been teaching Muay Thai in Pattaya since. We are not a commercial gym. We are not here to wear you down with cardio. We are here to teach Muay Thai. With fighters in all stages of their careers training here, including kids as young as 7 years old and foreign boxers in their 50s, our focus is to produce real Nak Muay so you can expect the traditional, authentic Thai method.

Sitpholek Muay Thai Institution

Institute of Muaythai Techniques. We are one of the oldest Thai Boxing school and camp in Thailand. For over 25 year we have experience with Muay Thai boxing in Thailand. After many years we are now able to let you experience the full live of a “Nak Muay” (Thai boxer) . We have our own professional fighters staying in the camp so you’re never alone if you want. Come and discover a different Thailand. Sitpholek Muaythai camp; the camp with the family touch. Be part of our family.

Winner Muay Thai Gym

Learn more about Winner Muay Thai and the highly experienced trainers. Kru Noi and Kru Tum have trained, taught and fought people all over the world. Get a world class experience you won't find anywhere else.

World Kumite

The World Kumite Organization can be characterized by the unity among its founding masters manifesting a common dedication for the cause and aligned ideology.

Max Muay Thai

You've never really been to Thailand without witnessing extreme muay thai at Max Muay Thai Stadium Pattaya. We are the industry leader in Muay Thai Broadcasting. The no.1reated boxing tv show in Thailand with our 3 round format of Non Stop Aggressive Action.

Twin Tigers Muay Thai Training Camp

Twin Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp in Pattaya takes the old school approach to Muay Thai training in Pattaya. We train using the same techniques they have been using in the camps for hundreds of years, our trainers bring to the table the combined experience of almost 1000 professional fights. You get the benefit of all of this when you choose Muay Thai Training at Twin Tiger Muay Thai in Pattaya.

Bear Gym

Bear Gym Pattaya is a professional boutique Gym in the heart of Jomtien area. Three floors of the building can offer mostly everything you need for an effective power-lifting, fitness or even bodybuilder's work-out. Pro-range of free weights, cable machines and appliances as well as cardio section with table tennis on a separate floor is sufficient for both vacation and professional training. Shower and high quality protein shakes bar will support your post-workout experience. Bear Gym is very well air conditioned and this is what most gyms lack in Pattaya. Top club music is playing non-stop 7 days a week 7:00-23:00. Bear Gym Pattaya offers top-level coaches which are also competing athletes in Bodybuilding and Power-lifting. If you plan to compete on these stages, Bear Gym is the best place to be prepared and noticed and even to get a chance to become a BEAR TEAM member under a sponsorship, as once you show the results the club promotes your social profiles online if you wish so. Widest range of original supplements with free delivery all over Thailand and Whey Protein Shops with pickup points all over Pattaya are powered by (SEVEN POUND THAILAND) which is also present here in Bear Gym Pattaya.

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