Doctors & Clinics

Thonglor Pet Hospital

We has a team of doctors whoa re ready to take care of pets of all lay unconscious process. Care cardiology and respiratory system in particular. The availability and modernization of equipment and tools used in the diagnosis of diseases of the respiratory system.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is a premier tertiary healthcare provider, dedicated to international quality, customer focused care.

M.T.Inter Lab

M.T. Inter Lab is the largest private medical laboratory testing company in Pattaya City, providing diagnostic laboratory services, pathological and clinical tests for medical communities in Pattaya City,Thailand. The company offers a portfolio of over than 1,200 clinical analysis in the areas of immunology, hematology/coagulation, clinical chemistry, parasitology, microbiology/infectious diseases, toxicology, cytology, surgical pathology, flowcytometry, molecular biology and cytogenetics.

Prana Gaya Wellness Clinic

Prana Gaya is a medical travel consultancy and service provider focused on allowing clients to explore holistic medical treatment as the alternative. We have associated clinics in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai emphasize on disease prevention and treating the cause, not just the symptoms. Our medical team will provide comprehensive health check to diagnose any health related problems within the earliest possible time and make patient fully understand his own body condition and accurately predicts disease risk.

Surecell Clinic Thailand

We are part of an international networks of clinics cutting edge medical network with its roots in Australia. Our most popular treatments are Platelet Rich Plasma to treat chronic inflammation and cosmetic PRP. In our clinic we focus on the most cutting edge natural treatments and healthy lifestyle choices that help our patients lead a happy and active life. Our Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has helped thousands of patients avoid costly and dangerous joint replacement surgery in knees and hips and our Facial PRP therapy has helped thousands more develop a younger and healthier skin without laser surgery or other invasive practices.

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