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Cherry Taxi Service

Cherry Taxi are pleased to offer you a taxi service. You can be assured that you will not miss a flight with our taxi service.

The Limo Pattaya.

We are leaders in limo services in Eastern Seaboard of Thailand especially Pattaya with more than 10 years of experiences. We try our best to tailor our services to your requests.

La Nitivadee

The unique center offers customers various skin treatments, from diseases to aesthetic procedures. Equipped with the latest laser technology and innovation, La Nitivadee offers a wide variety of ways to help customers treat and rejuvenate their skin for a healthy and younger looking skin overall. The equipment is professional, safe and effective, and meets the guidelines of the U.S.A Food and Drug Administration.

Rinrada Clinic

Rinrada Clinic offers skin cares and cosmetic surgery. We help you defining how your nose and chin will be delicately enhanced and adjusted to your countenance, how your skins and shapes will be shapely beautified as natural as it seems, how your facial contour will be adjusted to be as your desire, etc. Our physicians / surgeons medically giving consultant to patients and customers are proofed to be working in field of aesthetic, with various achievements and awards. With direct-experiences and knowledge in medical cosmetic of our staffs entering in numbers of certified training will promptly provide with thorough processes and cares, under the operation of state-of-the-art certified medical devices and medical-cosmetics authorized by THAILAND / USA’s FDA to assure a confidence of the patients or customers, either before or after using any of our services.

V Plastic Clinic

V Plast Certified Plastic Surgeons led by Dr. Pichansak Bunmas, CEO of V Plast Medical Group, specialize in every area of Plastic Surgery in Thailand. V Plast Clinic is also the leading practitioner of Stem Cell Treatment for cosmetic application in Thailand.

ATV Adventures Pattaya

Just a mere 20-minute complimentary minibus transfer East of Pattaya’s golden beaches and bustling nightlife, we provide an extreme, sensational, scenic and safe Thailand ATV adventure tour. In fact the trails are 90% off-road and 100% pure fun! Leave the beaches, discos, bars, shopping malls and the hustle and bustle of downtown behind for a while and come and enjoy the serenity of nature with a guided romp through local jungles and picturesque farm lands, through the mud and across creeks on our epic multi kilometer tracks...come have some good, honest fun and get dirty! You'll reach the parts of rural Pattaya that few holidaymakers will ever get to see. Enjoying a few unforgettable hours of adrenaline-fueled high octane entertainment as you ride an awesome ATV through the stunning Thai countryside outback.

Thai Wake Park

TWP Pattaya is the only place in Pattaya where you can enjoy the great sports of cable wakeboarding, wakeskating, and water skiing. There are 2 main areas; click below to see more detail of each area. Don’t worry, getting start is very easy! We provide all the basics like, boards, life jacket, helmet, and FREE training. You can also read our Beginner Guide or come join us and we'll guide you all the way through, until you’re as good as you want!

Demon- Dayz Beach Club

We have constantly updated our rental stock and believe we are offering the best value in the area for both quality and price. We are very fortunate to occupy a secluded section of beach in Na Jomtien which provides a quiet refuge away from the more frantic areas of Pattaya and Jomtien. While we concentrate on providing windsurfing and catamarans we also have kayaks and SUP’s for the days when the wind won’t blow. If watersports isn’t your thing it’s a great spot just to chill by the water’s edge.

Club Loongchat

Don’t risk frustration and despair by trying to learn windsurfing by yourself or from your enthusiastic, but untrained friends. Our range of courses are structured to suit all skill levels, from beginners to advanced short board sailors. Thanks to modern wide boards and training sails tailored to fit all body sizes, we are able to teach you all the basics within 60 minutes. We have progressive equipment to cater for your learning curve, and our skilled instructors may take you quickly to the next level. With a back to back intermediate or advanced course, you will soon find yourself cruising around on a performance oriented race or “freeride board” with ease.

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